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Hubbell Power Systems

Tools, Dies, Connectors, Grounding


Connector Manufacturing Co.

Connector Products, Inc.

Teleprotection and Substation Communication Equipment

Acuity Brands Lighting

UbiGrid Monitoring Solutions for Distribution Transformers and Utility Poles

69-550KV SF6 Circuit Breakers, 15KV Vacuum Breakers, Generator Main Breakers, GIS, System Studies, Energy Storage Systems, EHV Shell Form Power Transformers

Intelligent Video Monitoring for Harsh Environments

600V, Medium Voltage, and High Voltage wire & cable. Novinium Cable testing and Rejuvenation. OBI Partners data analytics.

Leading manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cable

Aluminum-clad Steel Wire

Ductile Iron Distribution and Transmission Poles

Fiberglass Poles and Crossarms

Utility Adhesives, Sealants, Cleaners, Lubricants and other specialty products

RelaysPole Markers, Labels, Decals, Signs